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Boat Refrigeration / Bahamas Cruising
« Last post by bootsn on May 03, 2018, 04:12:06 pm »
A guide to cruising the Bahamas. This guide has nothing to do with refrigeration, but it does have a lot of good information on cruising.  We built this site quite a few years ago when some web sites were free and since it is no  longer free we are unable to update it so  some of the links do not work but the basic information should be helpful to those of you who are thinking about making a cruise to the Bahamas.
Boat Refrigeration / 12-24 Volt refrigeration book
« Last post by bootsn on May 03, 2018, 01:27:05 pm »
12 & 24 Volt Refrigeration Book �

Book $35 plus S&H $9 in US, FL residents add 6% tax, $17 foreign postage Unfortunately we have had trouble receiving our money from CCNow and for thr time being, if you wish to buy the book send a check for the amount listed above to: Richard Kollmann, 670 Heather Stone Drive, Merritt Island, FL 32953.

 This book is a valuable source of information for those interested in the latest technical advances in 12 & 34 Volt refrigeration. Each chapter covers a separate area of interest on selecting, understanding. maintaining, repairing and how to efficiently operate these systems. Each chapter ends with actual questions I have received and my answers. I have used photographs of actual systems and components wherever possible and drawings to help make the installation, maintenance and refrigerant servicing easy to understand. Click here to see
Boat Refrigeration / DIY BOOK
« Last post by bootsn on May 03, 2018, 01:25:16 pm »
Boat Refrigeration

This book has a ring binder so that it can be easily used for reference in your work area. Its 245 pages are filled with easily read text and diagrams, and there's a glossary to define the technical terms. I've tried to eliminate as much of the math and physics as possible. As a result doctors, lawyers and housewives have been able to install their own systems from the instructions in the book.

Book $45. S&H $9 FL residents add 6% tax: Foreign residents $17

Unfortunately we have had trouble receiving our money from CCNow and for thr time being, if you wish to buy the book send a check for the amount listed above to: Richard Kollmann, 670 Heather Stone Drive, Merritt Island, FL 32953.

A few of the subjects covered are:

boxes16.gif (6909 bytes)


Engine Drive systems

12-volt systems

110-volt systems

System maintenance and repair

Holding plates

Compressors and Condensersplates50.gif (3015 bytes)

Box designs

engdrv-10.gif (6060 bytes)

Boat Refrigeration / Custom Eutectic Plates for one of a kind boxes.
« Last post by bootsn on May 03, 2018, 01:06:07 pm »
   Eutectic holding plates store energy for long periods of time each day. The advantage of this plate is a reduction in electrical power for 16 hours and will have little affect on refrigerator or freezer food. For the day sailor there is no need to run the alternator the day the boat is away from shore power. In most boats with alternative energy these larger plates may not require energy from boat's engine alternator. Disadvantage of holding plates are they are generally larger than eutectic cycling plates and take up more box space, one half gallon of eutectic fluid per cu ft of refrigerator and one gallon per cu ft of freezer. Holding plates also allow a eutectic temperature drift where the smaller cycling eutectic plates plate always tends to hold plate temperature.

Click on to enlarge Picture
Only live aboard boaters or those boats connected to shore power keep refrigerators running twenty four hrs and seven days a week. A four cu ft box generally will have a two gallon 16 pound eutectic solution plate. For boats not connected to shore power prior to a cruise it will take several compressor running hours to freeze eutectic solution and lower box to desired temperature. On an 80 degree F warm eutectic solution day a BD35 compressor will need to run eight hours to freeze plate and lower box temperature, or six hours with a BD50 compressor. If a large capacity evaporator is attached to the BD compressors box desired temperature is reached in  one or two hours.

For the 30 years I was in the pleasure boat refrigeration I specialized in Eutectic Holding Plates and Hybrid two separate energy source plates. To help over come the first day poor performance of eutectic plates I designed a series of convection fan evaporators to be installed after Expansion valve and before eutectic plate to improve box pull down performance.

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Complete very low cost 1/6 HP 110 volt AC compressor and a 2.5 gallon eutectic plate with Capillary refrigerant flow control. This style eutectic evaporator plate uses an inexpensive cafeteria food serving table pan with an attached stainless back welded or bolted together. For the DIY person this system can be assembled for less than $500.

These small 110 volt refrigeration units can be operated by shore power or an onboard generator or even a small inverter.
Boat Refrigeration / Cut open Frigoboaat eutectic holding plate.
« Last post by bootsn on April 29, 2018, 06:16:43 pm »
This Frigoboat Eutectic Holding plate was cut open to show an efficient refrigerator evaporator inside. A holding plate�s true efficiency is when compartment area heat can pass easily through plate to reach refrigerant evaporator coil. The rate of heat transfer depends on total surface area of plate. The actual amount of energy stored in eutectic plates will depend on amount of Btu stored in frozen solution approximately 144 Btu perpound.. The length of time this plate will hold a eutectic given temperature depends on its melting rate. The lower the eutectic phase change temperature the shorter the holdover time.

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Boat Refrigeration / Custom Eutectic Plate for Sailboat Box low in the Hull
« Last post by bootsn on April 29, 2018, 06:15:35 pm »
I fabricated well over one hundred  custom eutectic holding plates each of these plates were different shapes and sizes. I also fabricated cheap plates like the ones currently sold today made from stamped food serving table trays. I remember one trawler owner wanted two 16 gallon plates for his freezer.  I had another order for a 24 gallon and 17 gallon plate for a man born and lived on this boat his complete life.

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F to one horse power electric or engine driven compressor this cast aluminum plate freezes solution inside solid in minutes instead of hours each day. At standard day temperatures 70 degrees F four pounds of eutectic ice melting will maintain one cubic ft of refrigerator space at desired 36 to 45 degrees temperature for 24 hours. Copper sheet metal is attached to refrigerant evaporator coil to increase its efficiency. The aluminum back plate is bolted on and sealed against leaks. Currently only one other company is using this bolted on back plate on thin stainless pans as a eutectic holding plate evaporator. The most reliable evaporators inside eutectic plates are the ones without a tubing joint connection inside plate. Evaporator tubing in mobile eutectic applications must be prevented inside the liquid tank against any movement as ice forms on refrigerant tube first. If coil is not held in place half frozen ice will act as a heavy pendulum work hardening copper tubing and eventually causing stress point tube failure.

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Boat Refrigeration / Building Eutectic Plate
« Last post by bootsn on April 29, 2018, 06:11:00 pm »
Someone sent me this picture of a eutectic plate of possibly six gallons . Many of these plates do not have direct metal to metal temperature contact with refrigerant evaporator tubing. For a eutectic plate to absorb heat as efficiently as a standard thin plate evaporator, the eutectic plate's surface area must be large. Heat is quickly absorbed while eutectic solution is a liquid. Once ice starts forming on refrigerant tubing,the heat flow through the plate solution ice slows down reducing the plates Coefficient Of Performance to less than one over one. When the plate evaporator coils can not be mechanically fastened to the plate's surface the copper tubing, as seen in this picture ,spreads apart and then compresses when the plate lid is welded on. This will improve heat absorption when the compressor is running.

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