Author Topic: What is the Correct Amount of Refrigerant on a 12/24 volt Capillary Tube System  (Read 3843 times)


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What is the  Correct Amt. of Refrigerant on a Capillary Tube System and why it should not be Tampered with. After researching well over one thousand E mails and Forum archives it seems that more mistakes are made in tampering with refrigerant when it was probably correct to begin with. Complaints ranged from Too Much Refrigerant to Not Enough Refrigerant.

 Danfoss 12 volt Compressor would not run paid service tech $200 to say it was fixed by adding a small amount of refrigerant and now again it will not run.

Click on link above it will take you to a short summary of Too much or not enough refrigerant in different manufacturers systems and affects on mobile refrigeration with climate condition changes. Also to be added soon Small 12 volt system refrigerant servicing information examples.

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