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condenser size and availability
« on: November 11, 2013, 02:51:08 pm »
I'm putting together an engine driven system for our boat using a Sanden 508 compressor. I'm having a problem identifying the right condenser to use. The system needs to cool 3000 BTUs per hour. Working through Calder's refrigeration book's method I would need 6 feet of 3/8 inch tubing. That seems to be more than the lengths that I have found available.

 Iwas given an Isotherm condenser, but it has  6, 1/4" 4 inch diameter coils with 24 inches of 1/8" refrigerant tubing and that seems inadequate. What do you suggest and where an I get one. Your book indicates you have a supply. Is that still valid? Thanks, John


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Re: condenser size and availability
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 02:48:54 pm »
It’s a mistake to fabricate your own condenser when there are well designed efficient condensers available. Size for engine driven SD508 or equivalent compressor will depend on source of cooling water engine cooling pump or external pump. Most of the charter boat companies and Technautics marine refrigeration use a saltwater engine transmission cooler as a condenser. My DIY book  recommends a one to one and one half ton single copra nickel  water tube in shell with 3/8 refrigerant tubing and 5/8 seawater tube. If boat is to be operated in a cold climate either condenser will work but as shown in my book a sweater bypass is recommended for large engine cooling water or cold climates. To be efficient any water cooled boat refrigeration needs a way to control condenser cooling medium.
Source of condensers: multi tube for any size cooling hose marine engine suppliers. Tube in tube United Refrigeration with stores all over the US.