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What about Book update and revisions
« on: July 30, 2015, 10:02:33 am »
What about your Book updates and revisions Could you please let me know when you last updated the books?   I recently purchased Nigel Calder's book on refrigeration and it was from 1970's!  It didn't help me much.

 Any printed technical document requires updating by some means on regular bases whether by revised manual additions or service bulletins. When you purchase a new automobile the person repairing it can purchase a shop manual that covers that manufactured year that vehicle. Updates to this manual are in the form of a service bulletins and typical repairs are both generally proprietary to auto manufacturer’s dealers only. No longer can we expect even manufacturer’s technicians to be qualified when it comes to today’s evolution into advanced electronic evolving equipment circuits.
I tried to keep up with the every new change and problem solutions in pleasure boat refrigeration by writing a new book or revised addition every four years, as I originally promised. The DIY Boat refrigeration book was last published in 2000 and the 12/24 volt book was published in 2003.  In 2004 I advised the industry it was no longer possible to keep these books up to date with all the changes and troubling problems now in this industry. In 2000 I started expanding my web site and refrigeration forum to help with small mobile refrigeration problems and a way to update and revise information in my books.  Unfortunately my forum is a victim of thousands of spam attempts and you can not post items there at this time.  I still spend 6 hours per day answering email, other book questions and forum questions about mobile refrigeration. 

After 30 years in aviation maintenance and engineering relying on defined and sometimes mandatory maintenance documentation I am concerned about outdated or no mechanical documented direction or advice about a pleasure boat’s refrigeration unit from manufacturers or dealers. After planning retirement 30 years ago I did the sailboat show circle from New Orleans to Chicago to Boston and Miami where I bought a new 32 ft sailboat without refrigeration. Back in 1983 electrical power grids on sailboats 40 ft and under without onboard generators required eutectic holdover refrigeration if operated in warm climates.

My final refrigeration choice was an engine driven compressor with one holding plate. The only problems in the first seven years had to do with the compressor drive belt this was solved by removing the belt tension device. 15 years ago I added a 12 volt Adler Barbour and two additional holding plates to convert my boat refrigeration to a Hybrid system 12 volt and engine drive. Both systems were capable of maintaining two plates in spillover refrigerator freezer and a four gallon eutectic plate in a drink cooler.