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Best Icebox Refrigeration
« on: February 21, 2018, 08:02:51 am »

A dependable, energy efficient low maintenance refrigeration.

Looking for the best ice box conversion refrigeration system is confusing especially if you are looking at posted internet forum threads. Adler Barbour, Nova Cool, Electrical Iceman, and a few others set the early standards for the most popular small dependable basic pleasure boat refrigeration systems using the Danfoss BD twelve volt fixed speed compressors. In the early days of small 12 volt compressors few boat iceboxes were insulated well enough and boat electrical power was inadequate for refrigeration. Electric Iceman in Miami one of these standard basic units manufacturers had the most interest sales option, for $25 more added to purchase price you got a life time warrantee.     

I get asked to recommend ice box conversion refrigeration systems frequently for boats with four to six cubic foot boxes. There have been major changes to boats and refrigeration system over the last 25 years; Better and bigger batteries, High output alternators, and major changes to volumetric efficiency of Danfoss 12/24 volt compressors. Twenty years ago Adler Barbours basic cold machine was the preferred 12 volt ice box conversion refrigeration.

 I believe XXXXX complete ice box conversion kits costing under $900 with BD35 compressor will set the new standard for most reliable efficient refrigeration. I do not want to rule any other well designed basic systems but for a system needing a BD 35 compressor XXXXX will be hard to beat.
What is the difference between a $900 to $1050 basic units sold now and $2500 unit sold at the same time? Answer is Creative advertising to convince buyer that unnecessary added hardware will be an improvement in performance and reliability over other competitors basic Danfoss BD compressor systems. I have not found factual proof that any of the following comments in most cases are true enough to justify the cost or performance and lack of reliability involved. Because of the rough marine environment there will be small electrical problems that need to be corrected. Basic simple efficient refrigeration can be maintained most anywhere without a qualified factory trained technician. Adding gadgets to the basic Danfoss refrigeration design is a risk I would avoid.

Sample of strange marketing ideas with unfriendly or unproductive results for systems powered by Danfoss BD compressors:
   Any type of water cooling can compromises dependable reliability.
   Statement, water cooling of condenser is more efficient than air, this is not true if heat transfer in condenser is not controlled.
   Compressor fan cooling is not required as compressor high temperatures are not a problem. Not true in tropical climates or when unit is installed is a small static air compartment.
   BD 35 compressor can maintain refrigerator desired box temperatures 33 to 38 degrees F in boxs larger than six cubic ft.  Not true in warm climates.
   Lots of box insulation is the most important part of a refrigeration system. Not true in most cases the onboard energy source is more important than insulation..
   Ice box insulation is not sufficient enough for refrigeration. Not true in many cases.
   Eutectic holding plates are more efficient and more partial than a standard evaporator. Not true unless boat is equipped with alternative energy, solar, wind or connected to over night shore power.
   Holding plates that lack surface area Btu heat transfer equal to refrigeration units Btu capacity.
   Holding plate eutectic solution with incorrect phase change temperature will not produced desired results.
   Cost of a Thermo Expansion Valve and a refrigerant receiver tank can improve a standard evaporators performance. Not true if correct standard size evaporators are used.
   Electronic thermostats controls are more reliable and energy efficient than conventional manual thermostats. Not true electronic thermostat are not as reliable in marine applications. As far as energy efficiency in most cases electric thermostats are more likely to unbalance refrigerant flow.
   Sales statement our units are the most reliable, maintenance free and efficient marine refrigeration units. Another case of creative advertising.
   Aluminum evaporators are stamped out by the cargo container in China.
   Your compressor is old best buy my new refrigeration system. Older than thirty years might be compressor retirement age.
   Do you really want to buy one of those low cost basic refrigeration systems?
   Lowering the freezing point of your eutectic solution will allow you to store more energy absorption BTU's than plain water. Incorrect the difference between one Btu in frozen water and one Btu of frozen eutectic solution is almost the same.
   Space age open cell insulation is recommended for marine environments. Only true if tightly sealed to keep out moist air.