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Adler Barbour CU model with 5 flash code
« on: July 26, 2015, 09:14:08 am »
I’m getting 5 blinks on my cold machine. I have plenty of ventilation and have powered the system down and then up and the 5 blinks occur immediately. How much for a new module if this is what is needed. Thanks much.

Five flash LED code is generally not a sign of module failure. Adler Barbour  CU100 and CU200 models have an additional unnecessary poorly designed printed electrical board. These electrical boards have three troublesome problems the board itself is not structurally strong enough, and the 15 amp fuse holder overheats and its contacts burn. The third problem is with the thermostat’s connection to board using a phone jack instead of a hard connection. The First place I would recommend be checked on a CU unit with a trouble code of 3,4,5, or 6 LED flashes every four seconds is to visually look at back of circuit board inside add on stainless steel box for heat damage. See picture on  TECH TIP #1 at my web site front page.  Also check for lose or corroded connection at both ends of refrigerator ground wire. If there is some problem with printed circuit board read complete TECH TIP #1 for corrective action options.

My standard troubleshooting steps for Danfoss BD compressors are:

Three and Four pin Danfoss BD troubleshooting
If your refrigeration unit is over 10 years old and has a Danfoss BD 2 or BD2.5 or BD3 compressor then it has the older discontinued electronic 4 pin module.
Troubleshooting Danfoss compressors with 4 pin modules will consists of the following steps:

1. All of these compressors have a 4 pin module connector and their modules contain an external fuse. If this fuse is blown there are two reasons why either power wires to module are reversed or module has an internal failure.

2. Check to see that there is actually power at the refrigerator control module.

3. Place jumper wire across thermostat terminals on electronic module, Compressor still does not run go next step.

4. Disconnect black fan wire from electronic module, Compressor runs, replace fan. Compressor still does not run after fan ground wire is disconnected, go to next step.

5. Run correct size and correct polarity jumper wires direct from a fully charged battery in order to bypass all boat’s wiring. Volt meter readings are of no value when looking for voltage spikes. Compressor still does not run electronic module needs to be removed and tested on another unit. If there are no other units available to test your module on I will test all 12 volt Danfoss control modules free except for BD80 compressor modules. Small 12/24 volt boat refrigeration using Danfoss compressors manufactured after 1996 will have a BD 35 or BD 50 variable speed compressor with a troubleshooting computer chip built into their control module. Trouble shooting LED will only flash if electronic module sees a voltage or amperage problem. In each case problems of compressor’s failures to run are identified by Counting number of flashes of LED:
•   No LED flashes would indicate either thermostat is open or no power to module.
•   One LED flash and a 4 second pause indicates a boat wiring electrical resistance problem or low batteries. Because of modules sensitive to milliseconds of a voltage spick they cannot be detected by a voltmeter. Solution is to bypass boat’s wiring till problem is located. To isolate trouble follow instructions above in item number 5.
• Two LED flashes indicates fan over current cutout. If fan circuit on these variable speed compressors exceeds ½ amp compressor start up will be aborted. This condition can be confirmed by disconnecting Black fan wire at module if fan runs replace fan.
•   Three LED flashes indicate excessive torque is required to start compressor. This is commonly caused by turning compressor off and back on too quickly or too much refrigerant or poor condenser cooling. Most people jump to the conclusion that there is a mechanical rotor lock up inside compressor and this is a mistake on Danfoss BD compressors.
•   Four LED flashes indicate compressor motor not reaching sustained controlling speed above 1,850 rpm quick enough.
•   Five and six LED flashes indicate a weak power or ground wire connection. On Adler Barbour CU models 3,4.5. and 6 LED flashes can indicate bad circuit board in stainless add on box.
I closed my shop but after seeing what is being charged by boat refrigeration companies  who will test modules charging $50 and charging as high as $385 for new 4 pin modules, I decided to test and sell modules for a fraction of what is currently being charged.

If your shipping address is in the US I will test your module on my Danfoss compressor refrigeration test stand.  This test stand will run at max compressor load for a one hour. I will then return your module to you only charging  a shipping and handling charge of  $20.

Four pin modules for BD2.5 and BD3   twelve volt compressors only:
Three pin modules for BD35 and BD50 non Danfoss are also $150 plus $15 shipping

New module non Danfoss    $150 plus $15 insured shipping. Modules will only be shipped to addresses in the US. If your address is in Florida add $9 FL Sales Tax.

Because your unit is old and if it needs a new electronic module there is a risk that something is wrong that caused module to fail so most companies will refuse warranty of these modules. This is my electronic module warranty:

If any module I sell fails to operate your unit it can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.
Any new non Dandoss module I sell 3 or 4 pin can be returned for full credit within 30 days. Because of my own risk involved for the next 11 months I will return only 50% of the new units purchase price if module is returned within the first year for any reason.

To have module tested or purchase a new three or four pin module send check to:

Richard Kollmann
2430 Sugarloaf LN
Ft. Lauderdale FL,  33312
Richard Kollmann