Author Topic: Chinese Electric thermostat Question  (Read 3242 times)


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Chinese Electric thermostat Question
« on: July 28, 2015, 05:23:23 pm »

Chinese Electric thermostat  Question
I purchased a used old Isotherm 3000/3005 icebox conversion unit with a 4 pin 102N3017 module and a Danfoss BD2.5 compressor.
What do you think about buying this Chinese electronic thermostat instead of a standard manual thermostat?

I do not like to recommend electronic thermostats as they are more trouble and less reliable. I understand they are available as low as $15 US on the web and as costly as $300 from US companies.
The unit you are looking at reads in C and maybe not F. It also does not control module's thermostat terminals C and T, they would be connected with a jumper wire. It appears the 1 and 2 terminals in wiring diagram would operate a relay in power wire to module, when relay is activated by electronic thermostat starts compressor. This unit will come with a better electrical drawing I hope, and it includes the capacity of internal switch shown in sketch. If internal switch is rated at 15 amps or more you would not need an external relay.