Author Topic: Replacement Modules Danfoss BD 4 pin compressors  (Read 695 times)


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Replacement Modules Danfoss BD 4 pin compressors
« on: March 29, 2018, 07:38:45 pm »

I am sorry my overseas supplier went out of business so I no longer have replacement modules. Danfoss stopped making 4 pin modules for the older fixed speed BD compressors twenty years ago. Adler Barbour and Frigoboat were selling these 4 pin modules. Adler Barbour did not have much luck with their modules but I believe Frigoboat US still sell them. catalog still lists 4 pin module replacement. I got an email from someone last week who said he got a used one on EBay.

Danfoss made several different types of 4 pin 12 volt modules through the years so you do not need to buy one that looks just like yours. The newest 4 pin is much smaller than yours but it works the same as the older model like yours.

When looking for a replacement  it must be 12 volt and not 24 volt and have a 4pin compressor plug like your old one. There is no way to know if a used 4 pin module is really good until it is connected to your compressor.

I still will test your module free but you must pay shipping both ways. If your module is not blowing fuse on module it still may be good.  Have you followed my recommended tests?

Troubleshooting 4 pin modules consists of the following:

1. Place jumper wire across thermostat terminals, Compressor still does not run.

2. Disconnect black fan wire from electronic module, Compressor runs replace fan. Compressor still does not run after fan ground wire is disconnected. If one of the 10 transistors in this fan fail it can cause module to prevent compressor from running.

3. Run correct size and correct polarity fused jumper wires direct from a fully charged battery to module in order to bypass all boats wiring. Volt meter readings are of no value, Compressor still does not run electronic module needs to be tested on another unit.

If your shipping address is in the US I will test your module on my Danfoss compressor refrigeration test stand.  This test stand will run at max compressor load for a one hour. I will  then return your module to you for a shipping and handling charge of  $20.  Ship module with return address and a personal check for $20 to:

Richard Kollmann
670 Heather Stone
Merritt Island
FL. 32953

Unless someone has connected 12 volts direct to compressor the module is defective. There is no test for compressor. If my new module does not solve your problem you are only out shipping costs both ways. Modules are shipped insured Priority address in USA