Author Topic: Boot Up Protection Electronics Prevents 12 volt Compressor Failures  (Read 659 times)


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 Why boot up voltage protection? The answer is to prevent compressor failures do to a faulty refrigerant designs or an improperly installation in a boat. One of the modules compressor protection functions is to insure correct clean voltage to the rotation electronic that control armature rotation inside compressor. Another safety protection is to determine if compressor and condenser cooling fan is not drawing excessive amperage. The third safety boot up protection is compressor amperage draw and compressor speed at start up. The modules Boot up protection is much the same as your computer boot up by first testing to see if mouse and key board are functioning before computer can be operated. If you have Supermans eyes to read module voltage and amperage you might see the same fast short duration electrical transients out of limits reading module shuts compressor down at. I hope this explains why I suggest leaving voltmeter in tool box and bypassing all boat wiring to module before condemning or purchasing a new module.

The weak link of these brush-less lifetime compressors is the electronic control module. If the system manufacture screws up the system design or someone puts too much refrigerant in a unit or this mobile refrigerant unit is incorrectly installed control module will fail before compressor fails. Lightening Strike failures are the exception even if boat is not hit directly Danfoss engineered modules will fail.. For those cruising in South Florida or Bahamas a spare module onboard is a good idea. The number one and two reasons for module failure are module is not connected to main battery busses and compressor is operated under too heave a load. Hard start (soft slow start) modules available are just a band-aid and not a long term solution to module failures.