Author Topic: SeaFrost large Eutectic holding plate for large condensing units  (Read 535 times)


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F to one horse power electric or engine driven compressor this cast aluminum plate freezes solution inside solid in minutes instead of hours each day. At standard day temperatures 70 degrees F four pounds of eutectic ice melting will maintain one cubic ft of refrigerator space at desired 36 to 45 degrees temperature for 24 hours. Copper sheet metal is attached to refrigerant evaporator coil to increase its efficiency. The aluminum back plate is bolted on and sealed against leaks. Currently only one other company is using this bolted on back plate on thin stainless pans as a eutectic holding plate evaporator. The most reliable evaporators inside eutectic plates are the ones without a tubing joint connection inside plate. Evaporator tubing in mobile eutectic applications must be prevented inside the liquid tank against any movement as ice forms on refrigerant tube first. If coil is not held in place half frozen ice will act as a heavy pendulum work hardening copper tubing and eventually causing stress point tube failure.

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