Author Topic: Another reason why Eutectic Plates are less desirable than Standard Refrigerator  (Read 809 times)


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Only live aboard boaters or those boats connected to shore power keep refrigerators running twenty four hrs and seven days a week. A four cu ft box generally will have a two gallon 16 pound eutectic solution plate. For boats not connected to shore power prior to a cruise it will take several compressor running hours to freeze eutectic solution and lower box to desired temperature. On an 80 degree F warm eutectic solution day a BD35 compressor will need to run eight hours to freeze plate and lower box temperature, or six hours with a BD50 compressor. If a large capacity evaporator is attached to the BD compressors box desired temperature is reached in  one or two hours.

For the 30 years I was in the pleasure boat refrigeration I specialized in Eutectic Holding Plates and Hybrid two separate energy source plates. To help over come the first day poor performance of eutectic plates I designed a series of convection fan evaporators to be installed after Expansion valve and before eutectic plate to improve box pull down performance.

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