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Boat Refrigeration Technical Tips
« on: November 30, 2018, 10:31:26 am »

Technical feed back is rarely available from small Job Shop companies even on repairable equipment like boat refrigeration. Most of us understand terms like Service Bulletins, Typical Repair Information and Equipment Recalls but where are these preventive services for a boaters expensive refrigerator. Too many expensive products today like boat refrigerators are sold and treated as expendables like kitchen can openers and toasters.
Twenty nine years ago I sold my first book on Do It Yourself Boat Refrigeration and after four additional revised books. I update my library on boat refrigeration information from email and the internet. Instead of additional books I plan on using the internet to issue Technical Tips on pleasure boat refrigeration based on Email reports and other information I receive with regards to refrigeration problems.

Tech Tip #1 on my Boat Refrigeration forum plus other tips at If anyone sees technical problems that may be of interest to other boaters on boat refrigeration send them to me.