Author Topic: The Success or Failure of Pleasure Boat Refrigeration Companies  (Read 304 times)


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The Success or Failure of Pleasure Boat Refrigeration Companies
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:35:36 am »

I have seen so many changes in pleasure boat refrigeration in the last thirty years, start up companies with new design ideas that could not stand the test of time are diversifying to other product lines or going out of business.. Boats of forty feet and less generally were not designed to support energy demands of mechanical refrigeration. Refrigeration is a process of moving heat from one location to another under controlled conditions. Companies that are successful in the boat refrigeration business need to be aware of the small market for their products. If a companys business plan does not satisfy each customer with; guaranteed reliability, after market support and available access to parts anywhere experience shows that these businesses will fail.

Some pleasure boat refrigeration companies appeared to have failed because of failure to recognize their units design or manufacturing flaws and did not take corrective action until it is too late. A major fault in many company business plan is in over use of creative smoke and mirrors indicating exceptional overall performance. You will always get old untruth comments in response when refrigeration is not performing as advertised from a salesman indicating; Box insulation R value is not good enough, You need water cooling, You need an expansion valve instead of a cap tube, Holding plates store energy and are more efficient than standard evaporators, What you need is an electronic thermostat. If you believe any of the above responses are correct solution maybe you would like to buy a bridge over the ICW.

As I follow boat refrigeration comments on the web it is more Dj vu phenomenon of boat refrigeration creative smoke and mirrors advertising all over again and another short term business plan in process.   Is Randys Cool Blue refrigeration unit still the exceptional breakthrough in small refrigerated icebox conversions for boats or as the new owners marketing plan says (One more year of High School for my Son and then it's back to the land of Mexico for cheap Tacos baby..)

A marketing study once claimed one satisfied costumer will increase sells by three and just one dis-satisfied customer will discourage eleven customers from buying the product.

Remember when a salesperson claims his recommended system costs more because it is more efficient it probably will not perform as well as salesperson claims in your application. It is also important to realize refrigeration means different things to different people. After it is installed is it going to be a 50 degree F drink cooler, a 33 to 36 degree F refrigerator or a combination zero degree freezer 36 degree F refrigerator. In very warm climates freezer will require a total insulation R value of at least R30 totally dry insulation or R20 in normal 70 to 80 degree climates. In spillover applications the divider must be at least insulated to R20 with some type adjustable mechanical control of refrigerator side box temperature.

It is also important to know that in warm climates 50% of the energy consumed is by product through put remember this will decrease refrigerator performance and increase energy consumed.

Increasing Insulation from 3 to 6 inches outside the box in hot climates will improve performance by 15%. Adding insulation inside a refrigerated box will greatly improve refrigeration performance mainly because box is smaller.