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Thermostat short cycling
« on: December 17, 2018, 12:36:24 pm »

Richard -My AB compressor runs great and cycles regularly with no apparent problems, but the temperature in the freezer never gets below 20F.  My sense is that the compressor is doing everything its asked to do but the t-stat is not telling it to run long enough each cycle, telling it thats good! when 20 is reached.  Is there a way to adjust the t-stat?  Is it possible that I have a refrigerator t-stat in my freezer?  Lastly, what AB model number should I look for to replace this one with a true freezer t-stat?  Thanks!

The thermostat has a temperature sensing tube that tells thermostat when to run compressor. This sense tube on AB units should only touch evaporator at its end if it touches any other cold spot compressor will begin short cycling.
The correct AB temperature control to evaporator contact of temperature sense tube is to have the last 5 inches bent in to a U shape and is clamped at the evaporator space provided with two screws. The less sense tube touching evaporator the longer compressor will run and the colder the evaporator will get. 
If you want the compressor to freeze every thing in box then buy a freezer replacement from