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Selecting the Best
« on: April 26, 2019, 11:39:56 am »
My short answer to your question is describe in detail the system you have and how well it performs in various weather conditions as well as your likes and dislikes. I will then recommend more than one companies refrigeration unit.

Long answer, I know of no Icebox conversion refrigeration unit that is not suitable for some application. With over one hundred pleasure boat refrigeration options to select from choosing the correct unit requires a number of questions answered:
1. What is size of box to be refrigerated?
2. Is this a single box to be used a 40 to 50 degree F cooler, or a 33  to 36 degree refrigerator?
3. Is this box required to also have a freezing section?
4. What size 12 volt electrical power grid is on boat for generating and storing electrical power?
5. Normal persons onboard?
6. Planed cruising areas?
7. Describe planed use of boat Blue water or Live aboard?
8. I always leave insulation as the last question as it is the least important, but must be evaluated especially if it is 30 years old. I assume the present refrigeration unit is still running. Now today with old unit running can you detect any box exterior cool spots or condensation after cycling for over 24 hours? How much insulation in inches do you believe surrounds the box?

From the above answers I can project your daily conceptual energy needs.