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Selecting Ice box conversion
« on: April 26, 2019, 05:18:07 pm »
We wish to install a refrigeration system and have settled on the "ColdMachine" units.
The CU 94 looks suitable as does the CU 100

I am told from one source that the CU 100 is made in USA and ahs better electronicsthan the 94.
also that the 94 is made in China

I have been over the Dometic web site in detail, but would appreciate advice and comments from experienced users
Is one of the above units more reliable than the other?
More corrosion resistant?
Any alternative 12 volt driven units by other manufacturers in that capacity range that you can recommend?
Is there a useful tech support number for the units (after 2 hours talking with nice polite, but technically illiterate sales people on several Dometic phone numbers, I have not found one)
I would like to discuss this with a couple of sailors who have installed one of these units in an existing refrigerated box.


When it comes to selecting an icebox conversion unit selecting what goes into the box has to come first. All companies that sell these units will not have evaporators that will produce the results you are looking for. Box lid opening size and size and shape of box interior will help to determine again Btu size of evaporator needed. Next decisions are you hopping to have a cooler or just a refrigeration section or a combination temperature box with a freezer area?

Selecting a single temperature cooler or refrigerator box evaporator most all of these conversion companies offer evaporators in sizes that will work even eutectic solution plates for single temperature coolers and non freezer refrigerators. Selecting evaporators for a freezing area within a box requires a evaporator or evaporators that surround the frozen food as much as possible. Once you determine what is required inside the box you can find a company that has the installation kit with the condensing unit you need.

Demedics  CU 94 unit probably is very limited in evaporator selection and their long condensing unit is not easy to locate in boat where it is as efficient as others would be.

Demedics Adler Barbour unit offers the Bin shaped evaporator allowing multiple temperatures and freezer temperature within the same box. Adler Barbour was the leading manufacture of air cooled Icebox conversion units until they started adding  marketing gadgets like the unnecessary poor structurally design external circuit board and offering electronic thermostats.

Nova Cold Has the least expensive conversion unit and a good selection of evaporators including a freezer bin.

Thchnautics Cool Blue is the best simple and only true proven reliable holding eutectic solution plate system but expensive.

SeaFrost and Cold Eh Marine both offer custom heavy duty evaporator plates and will help you with a custom design refrigerator freezer in the same box.